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im posting these pics on behalf of alan o neill hes having some pc trouble.i got a phonecall at 2.30 today from alan he told me that he was out on a favourite mark of ours and that it was like the bahamas and told me to get out that he could feel it in his waters it was going to happen in the next i dropped everything got the rod and i was gone.5 mintues later alan on the phone telling me he had lost a really good sea trout he was sick.5 minutes later alan again he had landed a sea trout and told me to im driving 200mph at this stage and when i got there he told me he just had a i had my first cast bang fish on it was a sea trout i had it in 4ft from the bank and i just panicked and a familiar story for me gone it was about 2lb i was sick.second cast and i got a hit and that was it for both me and thanks for the call alan we will give it a good go in the morning.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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