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It's all getting bit much now this mindfulness bollocks.

That's three times in seven days that I've been forced out on a mindfulness session. It's getting a bit tiresome.

I arrived at 6-15pm at location Y. It was low water. I surveyed the shore & I thought to myself.......'if I was a sea trout where would I be hiding?'

There was one obvious area, but an angler was already working it with a metal. I waited patiently until he moved on up the shore. I made my way down with the dogs to the water. I put on a different lure for a change to see how I faired. Three casts & I wasn't happy with the lure action & my retrieves, so I made some adjustments & cast again.

Now I know where I'm going to get hit on my local marks by sea trout & they never fail. Small or big, the sea trout are in the same band of water from the shore all the time.

As the lure entered that magical band of water.......BANG & it hung on & stayed deep, It was a solid fish, really pulling & taking line against a tight clutch. I never look at my rod arching over, but I did this time. It was bent right through to its full action. Superb.

The fight was epic & lasted five minutes or so. She ran along the beach, fought me straight out in front, ran virtually ashore, turned & took off again & jumped twice during all this. If she had thrown the hook at this stage, I would still have been a happy man. As it was miraculously I slid her ashore.

She measured 65cm & a guesstimate of around 6lb from me.

It took three attempted to get her back off safely to the depths, twice she washed back up the beach after turning turtle on her way out. Third time she stayed upright & swam off to recover. I had the good sense to get the release on video too.

This was blind fishing, with no evidence of sea trout activity. I'm fairly sure that the other two anglers on the beach didn't catch anything.

I was back at the car & pinging pictures off to friends by 6-40pm. I just couldn't fish on after catching that beauty.


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Woohoo! Your on a roll mate!

Was well chuffed for you when you sent me the pic!

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Stunning sea trout there Nigel, congratulations. I'm amazed how short some of your sessions are?

What red rod do you use for the sea trout then?

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