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Seal sighting

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Had a couple of trips on the rocks with Gaz, we both have had Pollock, and Wrasse.

I went one morning on my own, and had the pleasure of seeing a big Seal, he surfaced 50 yards out off the rocks, biggest Seal I have ever seen, he had a head like a Hippo, anyway he soon disapeared when he saw me.

Just thought I would share this.

Andy P
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Great sighting Andrew, thanks for sharing. I haven't been lucky enough yet to see one, have you seen many in your years of fishing?
There's a huge one near Seymour tower. Or there was. I've not seen him this year yet - but...hopefully he's still around.
There is normally 5-6 seals that hang about in that area , but can be seen more further out towards the outer reefs
We get lots of them down here. There's one mark we fish where we always see them later in the year. Dolphins too!
I have seen Seals mostly on the off shore reefs, I was on Noirmont one night and a seal came up in the light of my tilly, and scared the life out of me.

I have been told they pull out on the sand banks By Seymore at night.

Andy P
we saw one at Icho tower last week, they were not at seymour this weekend
A big seal popped up in front of us last week 30yds away!! looked like he had had his breakfast!!! lol.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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