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Security certificate?

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I've been having trouble over the last couple of days, the site keeps freezing and I get the message that the security certificate is either invalid or not yet activated, anyone got any ideas?
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to be honest Andy, the problem i had was related to the fact my old pc had died and the new(second hand) one i got had no add block installed..................once i installed the firefox addblocker the forum has run fine ever since....sorry if that doesnt help.....
I messaged admin steve about similar freezing probs. typing/scrolling/uploading time lag. letters not appearing cursor freezing etc. He reckoned it was probably my browser, not the site.......
Cheers for the info guys ;)

I don't think it's my browser as the same thing happens in work and the IT department are s**t hot on the latest updates but I can't be sure.

The Firefox Adbocker sounds worth a go, where did you get the download from Trevor?
Andy, its available in the list of add-ons on the mozilla firefox home page...............its called adguard, but if you are getting it on various devices dont know if it will help you
Cheers Trefor, I'll look into it for my home pc, at least I'll be able to post on here sometimes ;).

I guess I'll just have to do some work the rest of the time :muttley:.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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