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Imagine your a predator, swimming close to a rocky headland, the light levels are low as the sun has not yet risen. Two hundred yards away an angler approaches the rocky shore line, ready for some early plugging.

You swim deep rising above the kelp and outcrops, slowly approaching the shallows. You feel a mild tremble down your left side and you turn, below is a blenny hopping between the kelp covered boulders and clear sandy patches. You correct your direction to follow the blenny but as you do, another tremor hits your right side like a shock, it runs from your face all the way along your lean silvery flank. You turn towards the shore, with a turn of speed triggered by the sudden shockwave you recieved. Again you get hit by a vibration shock, straight on this time maybe forty yards away, as you enter the turbulant water columns created by the shore. Your spines are fully extended and you are at maximum speed, homing in on this erratic sound thats sending shivers down your spine.

A sudden flash of silver and green as you approach the surface, then nothing.... you return deeper, the tingling sensation has suddenly gone as quick as it came. You follow the water current to the next headland, staying close to seabed as the sun rises, lighting up the upper water levels, when again you feel a subtle tingle across your face, you adjust your pace and head towards the shore once more........You are a BASS! and I was the plugger.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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