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Seychelles Denis Island July 2009

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Just thought I would transplant some pics from my honeymoon in July last year *sigh* great few days fishing - not got as much done as I would of liked but definately a good reminder of the hot sun!

Small Pompano on the fly from the beach outside our chalet

Couple of pics flats wading

Spot the Tenryu!

Trevally on the fly

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Few More!

Jobfish and YFT poppin'

Big Doggies!

Had a blast and can report the Twinpower SW's stand up to the task!!!
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Awesome fish & great pics mate.

Can I ask what the popping rod is, and is it multi section?

Just planning my next hols!
Lovely pics. Really gets me thinking about tropical climes at the moment, especially in these artic conditions.

It look a bit like you have a red rod coming out of your back in that one of you sat on the beach.
thanks guys - had some bad news today that my epic trip in April is off - desperatly trying to get something organised instead :'(

The rod is a Lamiglas Tropic Popping rod rated 40-60lbs ... two equal bits - tbh I don't bother with travel rods as they aren't up to the task ... would much rather take my proper kit! rod costs about 220 euros iirc from
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