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I've got the above reel but annoyingly it only comes with shallow spools. The shallow spools might take sufficient fine diameter braid that you may need for plugging/mulleting, but to make the reel more 'multi purpose' (e.g. for bait fishing or plugging where you want to use a stronger braid) I wanted to fit on more line or line of a larger diameter. I have fitted a deeper plastic spool from an old Shimano Alivio reel to my Stradic in order to do this.

The only thing with doing this is that the line lay is very much biased towards the front of the spool. I know that with front drag reels you can play around with the drag washers to change the line lay & recall seeing a post by **** saying that doing something similar with reverse drag reels was not possible. Is this the case??

The line lay when I use the original metal spools that came with the Stradic is flat. I've concluded then that the biased line lay when using the plastic Alivio spool is down to the fact that it is not a very good fit on the Stradic (its quite loose on the Stradic's 'spindle'). If this is the case the alternative would be to find a deeper Shimano spool that fits better on the Stradic. Not sure what this would be though.

Any ideas??


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