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Hi Guys,

It's definitely true that a large amount of bass anglers in the Netherlands aren't that well known with al the technique's that are availeble to catch bass. The large group all follow one certain public figure and every thing he says and does is almost holy and instantly followed up.

But if you look further and search, for example on the internet, and you will come across site's like these were you can find loads of information, and most importantly, techniques and lures (brands) where you never heard of before. But used with great success.

For example the LC Sammy, i ordered my first few in December of 2006 to try them out in the season of 2007. I think Harold has start using them around the same time if I remember correctly. The first few times i had no success with them but then the first bass on a surface lure, my hart almost jumped out hehe, what a fantastic and visual way of fishing for bass! But now, a few years later, everyone is using the LC Sammy and the bass are definitely less interested then before. So i also believe that the bass "can tell" that a certain type of lure isn't food, but they do get triggered and will investigate but they won't strike it.

Last season i started jerking and twitching with lures like the MB vision 95. At first it didn't work out very well. But with some good advice of WJMoree it did get better and i started to catch bass on it. This way of fishing was far more fun than just casting out and reel it in. Now you could let the lure do what you wanted it to do. I tried it a few times with softies but gave it way to less time and lost interest in it.

For upcoming season i'm planning to use the softies more and especially the Megabass X-layer (4 and 6 inch) weightless, or on a small jighead and in combination with the Illex Lightninghead 7 and 14 gr. The last combination when you twitch or jerk it, gives a really nice zig-zag action up to around 40 cm to the left and to the right. Looks really hectic and so far the French bass love it. Hope the Dutch bass will love it also. And my second softie which will see a lot of action will be the MB Spindle worm. Also weightless or an a small jighead.

I'm very curious to see if the bass are willing to take these lure's without suspicion...
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