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I really like using sinking jerkbaits but not primarily for the extra weight and presumed better casting distance. Some manufactures do some of their lures not only in a floating or suspending, but in a sinking version as well, and I found out that in most cases it doesn´t make such a big difference in this respect anyway: some lures are just pretty lousy casters, even the sinking versions.

I started to use them mainly for adding an extra dimension in the retrieve/action of the lure: after pausing for a while you can create a beautiful upward erratic darting action when you start twitching and jerking again. And you can emphasis it all by alternatively holding your rod tip up or down while retrieving. I really grown to like to work them this way on a rather slow retrieve, just only twitching alternated with drawing and jerking with lots of these pauses, but no cranking at all.

Had good results with the LC B’freeze 65S and 78S (only available in Japan, not Europe or US by the way), the MB X-68 Baycat, the IMA Nabarone Stuka and the Athletes 7S or 9S and Artists 80FR or 105FR from Jackson; don’t like the Duo Tide Minnows 75 CD and 90S fished this way though, but that’s strictly personal I guess.

And I don’t let them sink to the bottom and I make sure I have enough clearance… it’s expensive enough as it is.
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