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sizing it up

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Sizing things up

discussing lure sizes amongst friends can be some what of a hit and miss situation, never mind trying to explain to people you don’t even know.

what’s big to one person is small to another and vice versa.

So for argument’s sake we’ll class 4cm -10cm baits as small, 10cm- 16cm middle sized and everything over this as large.

Choosing the right lure for the day can be a bit tricky without knowing the why’s.

Choosing lure colour’s for conditions as been covered before, like bright lures bright days, dark lures dark day’s, black or red in muddy water’s, and so on, etc, etc

Choosing type’s of lure for certain weather/water condition’s as well, to some extent been covered.

So what new idea’s are we going to share, non to be exact !, nothing new by any stretch of the imagination, but something that you should all way’s consider though, it’s not ground breaking and some of you’ll probably kick your selves for not doing it.

I know when I think about, but I’m to lazy to do anything about it, I’ll normally get a hammering from keith (my fish) .

So Water clarity is all way’s changing due to weather and temperature, so some times the visibility is great and other time’s you can’t even see the tail hooks on your lure, so knowing this how can we improve our fishing, by choosing the right size lure for the condition’s before us.

When the water clarity is good, the fish will get to have a really good look at what your trying to fool him with, so banging a big lure over his head when the visibility is like tap water might not be your best choice of lure, same as choosing a very small lure to use in muddy or dark water.

So when you next have clear water conditions, have ago with lures on the smaller size, this is why flies and spinners work so well during these periods, because of the smaller size it’s possible they look more natural to the fishes eye.

Muddy water/dark water

Have a go with larger lures, something that’ll move water and give the fish a bigger target being as the visibility is very low.

Night time clear water, full moon go with smaller lures and middle sized like the one's in the range of 4-16cm size, just because there a smaller offering don't be put off,they can and do take large size fish all the time,i've taken many larger fish on fly teaser's in the 3" range than i can remember in such condition's

Night time, dark water condition’s,up your lure sizes to suit,try your big rattling lure's and the middle sized one's, use something that'll draw attention to your lure.

Cold, clear water, go small/low end medium sizes and try them suspending lure’s we’ve been talking about.

stick with the middle sizes for everything inbetween.

Above all, maybe try and use some of the things mentioned and it might just get you a few more bass.

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Top thread and please keep them comming ! I am starting to amass a collection of lures based on some good advice, used some but only caught a schoolie so far but that was fun.
Thats excellent stuff Kev, like Steve says, keep it coming bud'..
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