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Slide plugging the races, rips and gutters.

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I don't know if this has ever been covered before.
It is a trick I devised many years ago after talking to the slide baiters
from Hawaii on my casting forum.

We have limited casting range as plug anglers.

I've got headland races a plenty here. the water pumps though em.
This though, just doesn't work on the races, it works in shallow gutters.

It is not a purist method but, it is plugging or lure fishing.

What I'm talking about is slide plugging these races, rips and gutters.

We use 2 rods, 1 X Beachcaster, 1 X plug rod, 1 X clip.
It is like down-rigging in some respects, slide bait in another.

You need to a plug that pulls but, not one that wobbles over violently.
I use alot of older plugs for the method, or did when I fished the method
quite a bit.

You cast a decent weight, i use 200 or 225g in really heavy tide with a leader of 80lb.
15lb line is good as a mainline. I use Sakuma nite crystal at 0.35mm mostly as it is easy to see.

Always cast you sinker way down tide but at varying angles. What you need is a line
to your sinker without any bow that will trap your plug as it pulls itself down and along.

Plain sinker casts in excess of 150 meters are possible on some marks. Others, much more
IF you can get the footing.

What you do next is a whole subject on its own.

Are you guys interested in this as I fear many won't see it as 'pure'.
It is a combined method and I make no excuses for it as such.

However, your plug running across and away from you over a gutter is a sight
to behold. It looks to me, like a fish struggling to make it out of the main current
and heading in to the safety of the edge. You can, with a little practice cover alot of water
with the method in ways just not possible with conventional means.

It might need drawings etc to show this stuff in detail so let me know..
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Interesting - sounds similar to whats called the beachcaster floater method in carp fishing - we have even gone as far to "parachute" the floater down the line to the water so no line is in the surface film - just the floater!

I would be keen to read the exploits!
Alex Jordan said:
Interesting - sounds similar to whats called the beachcaster floater method in carp fishing - we have even gone as far to "parachute" the floater down the line to the water so no line is in the surface film - just the floater!

I would be keen to read the exploits!
Interesting - a similar metod is used here to get the baits across a flow for the catfish
I hvae seen something similar used from Clearwater Beach pier in Florida. They cast out a heavy lead on a beachcaster or similar. Then a Penn International or similar baited up with a live ladyfish. They attach an outrigger clip to the beachcaster line and slide the livebait down the line. When a fish is hooked up the outrigger clip lets go and they play the fish on the heavy gear. Is that similar to what you are describing?
Sounds interesting though.
Similar yes.

however: we use the water only to get the lure to 'swim' across.
This speed can be slowed or, the progress can be halted completely etc.

We used a long slide bait system across the bridges in the keys for many species.
It allowed a bait to presented alongside far away bridge stanchions.

You can even use it as a transport system for your plug. it travels the
transit line and then, you can strike it off to make a long swing back across
the tide.

This swing line can be shaped by back winding and is often a great method
being able to cover fish at ranges and depths not possible by other means.
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Keith, forgive my ignorance, but what sort of clip do you attach the lure to the cast line so that it will release when you strike or hook a fish?

Sounds interesting, can you get us a drawing just to visualise :?:
I will make some drawings over the weekend between getting cold, wet and hopefully
.... a sore arm from some as yet, un-captured giant pig.


tried using various clips and tension devices.
A large paper clip rides the main line, elastic band tensioner plus a folded 6" loose line tag is pretty controllable.
The plug rides on the plug line. A set distance from the plug, about 6 feet, there is a paternoser type link
to another clip which in turn attaches to the loose line tag.
I would suggest a proper release clip but I have been talking to my m8
recently about modifying it. I'm sure 100% he will improve on the clip design.

In florida, I used something like this... clip&cm_ite=netcon&rid=2146251080&hasJS=true
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imo one of the best releases is the rubberband wrapped around the main line (in this case clipped to a slider) - I did quite alot of downrigging when I was a boat owner & despite all those special release clips etc rubbers were the most reliable. Important was to find the right rubber band thickness so it breaks at the right sort of tension point & to make sure the rubbers were not too old or they would pop under pressure (ok I was trolling for wahoo at 10 knots but the principles the same). A light rubber will be easily cut by the braid / mainline depending on your drop.

Go out on a pro boat and take a look at the outrigger clips - the boys in the know will use a rubber attached to the break link (even safer ;) )
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