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Edgar, had a look at one of these in the Snowbee shop last week as I was also interested as they were on offer. I didn't buy one as the jacket is lightly padded and therefore quite heavy for its size in comparison to non lined / single skin fabrics. It would be good if you were stationary for long periods of time but I felt that I'd get too hot (despite its breathability) walking any distance in it.

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Hi,does anyone own this jacket? Any good,bad points about it?I would appreciate your oppinion,cos considering buying one myself.
I have this Jacket, I got it from the shop at Rutland water a couple of years ago.
Its very well made (brilliant) and totally waterproof with extremely high durability etc,the only problem is (and its a biggy) you get way to hot in it.
I now only wear a Simms thin base layer top under it or a tee shirt.
If your moving around a lot like when rock hopping then you will burn up.
Once you get to April/May time you will find it to warm.
I would go for something much thinner as all you really need is a 'shell' type wading jacket.
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