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saturday: up early, got to godrevy in good time, looking excellent. very fishy. tried a few spots, lots of different techniques, even a float and some worm, but to no avail. Not much later, plugging away, i realise i have an audience. 3 fatass seals, mocking me! the cheeky gits just got closer and closer until they were about 4 foot from the rocks. Then it rained heavily, so we moved back to the car to have a whinge and a ciggy. :evil:

plan B. Newquay headland, still 2 hours til high. off we go. fished there til dark, several methods, same old story, just without the seals!!

What a pain! so we thought, OK, lets play safe for sunday.

Up early again (for a sunday!) after a heavy night at a mate's xmas party. feeling crusty. drive 40miles to a spot near the minack theatre that we always catch fish at. spend all day not catching fish, and part of the day being observed by more bloody seals!! My fishin buddy managed to get 1 miniscule pollock and one very small pollock, both on a float, with a silly-long trace and some ragworm. I got a big fat blank, and lots of ripping on the way back! :cry: :wackit2:

I'm thinkin that now all this snow has melted, it's sending loads of really cold water into the sea and moving the fish out deeper. or that's what I'm gonna blame it on anyway...
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