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Found a spot at low tide that looked like it might have potential on the flood so I fished just behind the corner of a gulley with a 5ft vertical drop, on a bend where it meets a larger channel. I imagined that any bass coming up this channel would hit a plug really close in. Well that was the theory anyway and just this once it worked. Two hours before high water at around 6 in the evening I stuck on the Komono 2 Joker Flashing Plate, cast just beyond the corner into the darkest blue water in the low sunshine and wham, in steamed a silver rocket from just below my feet. Was only around 40 cm but she nearly ripped my arm off. Put her back, next cast same again only this one tore into the lure with such force as I just tried to hold on but unfortunately she sprung the hook and was gone. All went quiet, tide came up and I vowed to return in the morning.

6.30 am same spot, tried the same thing again and yes you’ve got it, nothing’s the same twice in fishing. The sun came up properly and I caught a couple of schoolies on a Megabass x-120 and a IMA Sasuka 140, which incidentally had to be two thirds the length of the fish, she was so mini. The one on the x-120 was so feisty that she unhooked herself and sprung herself down a few ledges into an of inch of water and jetted off. The tide was nearly up and was about to scarper when I just thought I’d have a couple of chucks with a Sebile Stick Shad. I’d never caught on it and to be honest I didn’t really know how to use it so I after practicing walking the dog on the Patchinko, I did the same with the Sebile and it looked great in the water. Two or three casts in and I pulled out a sturdy Wrasse for my trouble. I quite rate this lure now.

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