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It's been a while since I posted on here so I thought I'd better keep my hand in!

I didn't get a chance to get out over the weekend due to vistors, so when the missus suggested a walk yesterday afternoon after they left I agreed. She also suggested a picnic so I said sure, I would prepare it.
So I popped a couple of sandwiches, a pair of bananas and 3 plugs into a tupperware, grabbed the rod and told her I was ready :wink:
'Where do you think you're going with that?' she said.
'Well I thought I might have a couple of casts' I said.
'Oh no you don't' said she (she's a lovely girl but hates fishing!).
Anyway - I talked her into it and off we went to a secluded spot where she could top up the tan and I could chuck some plastic.
Time was tight as we had more friends coming round so I managed a total of 30 mins fishing in far from ideal conditions - bright sunlight with constant boat and jet-ski traffic on a rapidly falling tide.

1st cast of the mini feed shallow, 2 cranks of the handle and I was in - not a monster but welcome nonetheless. Luckily she had her mobile so managed a rare pic of me with a fish...

I fished on and a while later had another one, slightly larger but didn't get a pic. By this time I was fishing in about 2ft of water and the feed shallow was starting to bump the rocks (and those things really don't go deep!).

Not an epic session but really nice to to catch a couple of bass in such lovely sunshine when normally I wouldn't have bothered. I didn't managed to convert the missus though - despite repeated offers to let her have a go (I even offered to let her bring a fish in!). Some people just don't get it!
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