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South Devon off the mark

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Hi folks,
Here's my first report - no pics I'm afraid as I forgot my camera :sad:
After a couple of blanks, I decided to give the local estuary a go the other morning. I wasn't too hopeful as it was freezing cold but, like everyone else on here I'm an addict :wink:

Following previous success at this mark last year I decided to go for a white sidewinder but after a while I got snagged and lost it. I then decided to try an Xlayer Ayu on a 14g jighead and after 3 casts I felt that wonderful knock, knock then bang - fish on! :wink:
Only a youngster about 1lb but it was the best feeling ever to holding a spikey after 5 months!
Anyway - he went back and 2 casts later same again - but this time more of a fight and this chap was about 45cms and I reckon about 2lbs. I then lost 3 more - twice they stripped the Xlayer from the hook (1 hit right under the rod tip in a huge splash - nearly yanked the rod out of my hand).
By this time the tide was flowing in at a nice rate and I kept getting knocks just on the edge of the brown water when finally, Mr Spikey decided to have it. He headed straight for the deep water in the main current and used it to his full advantage but I was determined he was paying me a visit and finally I got him into the shallows, unhooked him, gave him a big kiss and off he went to sulk for the rest of the day.
He was about 55cms and I reckon about 3.5lbs - not a monster but i was on cloud nine :-D
After that things quietened down but I have been buzzing ever since :mrgreen:
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Welcome Mark and a Great first report, well done !
Nice one mate! Good read.

Heading down to South Devon soon. Which estuary was that if you don't mind me asking
Excellent. Chalk up a few more to soft lure tactics.
Well done.
I love those Xlayers Keith - I first started using them end of last year and if the fish are there, they seem to go for them when other lures, hard and soft fail. I'm a convert!

Ben - PM me ;-)
Well done Mark, Nice to see you having some success with the X-Layer.
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That's a great way to open your account! X-Layers - Still never caught a fish on one....
Welcome and well done Mark.
great stuff Mark, this is something i am going to put a lot of time into this year, having spent the last few years catching plenty of good bass in a river estuary ,i know where and when the fish are there and cant wait to bounce a slug go along the bottom,can i just ask what the vis was like? cos you did mention brown water....... the only slight worry i have is that alot of the time the water is pretty brown and this puts me off lure fishing in those conditions, maybe a false assumption to think coloured water means dont bother ?
Trev - it was probably about 2 feet in the rocky areas- not that bad for an estuary, but near the mud it was very murky. I always fish estuaries on a neap tide as the water gets less churned by the current and I find I get better results.
Great going Mark, enjoyed your report.:-0
Well done Mark, excellent report and a nice fish, I am yet to get my first bass yet this year, plenty of pollack around though.
Not much about on the open coasts at the moment Steve - estuarys seem to be where they are. Same as last year - I never had any real action on the coast until July.
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