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Hello everyone!

First report so take it easy!!

Wasn't planning to fish as the water has been like coffee for weeks, but a afternoon stroll down the seafront soon changed my mind.

The water still held that awful "sussex colour" but it was such a beautiful day I just had to get out and have a quick look after the long long winter.
So, a quick run back home, grabbed the bag of SPs and a box of lure and I was off!

Hit the water about 3.30pm, once out there it really didn't fill me with confidence as I couldn't see the end of the paddle blades in the water! Must have been all of six inches visability!

Started off with a lure I was playing with at the end of last season, a small rapala DT6.
Gives of a ridiculous high pitch vibration and seems to work beautifully when left to swing in the tide with just a few twitches every now and again to really make some noise.

Very different to the minnow style lures I usually use but the more I use these fat bodied baits the more uses I find for them.

Well after singing the praises of this lure to myself for the best part of half an hour with only one bump to the lure a change of plan was in order.

I decided to go the finesse route as the loud blatant approach wasn't working.
So on went an Xlayer in french silver on a standard 5g jighead.

This was flicked up tide of any likely looking creases and left to bump around in the swirling current.

On the second cast just as I was thinking to myself if there is a fish there it would have to have it there was the slightest slackening of the line.

I must have had a fair amount of pent up energy after almost 6 months of not having the lures out as before I even knew what was happening I swept the rod up like a man possessed and there was that satisfying nod nod of a bass being interrupted mid munch.

Luckily I managed to get a finger on the drag as it charged off as I was a bit out of practice and the drag was bolt tight, after the first short run it stayed deep under the kayak and refused to budge. It was then I realised that it may be a half decent fish so I took it easy and coaxed it up to the surface.

You can imagine my suprise when a fish of about 3lb came up to the side of the kayak and showered me in spray, from the fight I had guessed at easy twice the size!

In the boat it measured about 50cmish against the rod, sorry no pics as I was so excited about getting one within an hour of my first trip it went straight back over the side. It bolted off within seconds of me holding it in the water, a strong little B*£$ that one!

Next cast into the same crease and the rod was almost ripped from my hand before the lure even hit the bottom, this was only a baby and it showed its disgust by coming straight to the surface and crashing around the kayak showering me with lovely tasty sea water.. Yum!!

Got a quick pic of this one as it was a lovely spikey little bar of silver. You can see its displeasure at paying me a visit!

A few more casts without a sniff and that was enough for me, had left the **** and my drink on the beach in the excitement of going out so with that it was mission accomplished and the first one of the season a lot quicker than I had expected!

Can't wait to get out this weekend now and give it a proper go!

Roll on the long summer bass filled days!

Just realised the pics are massive! whoops!

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Cracking report and a good read, well done on your first attempt and keep them coming !

What is your first name bye the way ?

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Cracking report Isadore,, and if the bass are starting to show in the browny depths of the Sussex coast, I may give the Severn estuary / Bristol channel a bit of a plug next week.. (post Welsh Bumble of course :D)
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