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I have the Shukan. I also have a Supermix 240 - but i havent had a chance to use it yet. But, i bought the Supermix on the basis that it 'would' be different to the Shukan, and that it would not be 'as good' as the Shukan at top water. My understanding is that the direct upgrade to a Shukan would be a Rod Bar, rather than the SM.

I may be wrong, as i havent done the direct comparison yet - but hopefully, if my research proves to be correct, the Supermix will be a compromise rod, that can work s/p's as well as top water (whereas the Shukan is hopeless on s/p's).

So, i'd say that if you are after an out-and-out top water rod upgrade, the Supermix would not be the rod to go for.

However - Alex's rod is a hell of a good deal !!! So that may be worth the punt anyway !!!!
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