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Hi all,

First of all, what a great forum! Only just joined and already learned a lot just by reading through it! So thanks!

Now, I have just bought the lighter 8foot version of the Teklon Concept..took it out yesterday to get the feel of it and im sad to say i really struggled. I expected it to feel very different from what i have been using (11foot mike ladle surespin)... casting distance with the Maria Chase (favourite plug) is pretty much halved, which means i really couldnt get the lure out to the distance the fish normally take the lure. I could accept some loss of distance in favour of better ability to work lures, but this seems extreme! Is this jsut something you have to expect??

I modified my casting to style from the easier, slowish cast with the 11footer to a fast little whip, and found the lure turning over on itself in flight, and generally not flying out well. Im using varivas superbraid 20lb with it, and used to use 30lb of the same with the old setup, if that could make any difference?! Im not sure how though! Any ideas where i could be going wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated


If the rod has a slower tip action than your old rod, it probably loads more easly, so IMO don't apply to much strenght on the cast, let the rod load itself and make most of the casting action.

Most people tend to use strong and fast whip casts, like they used to do in longer faster rods, on slower, smaller rods. That won't work.
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