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Black Rod tubes, cheap as chips. I know they are too long but just cut em down to size with a saw.

I searched for a while to find something suitable as I too splashed out on a Supermix 270 in Weymouth last year (cheers ****).

I ordered the extra wide version (3.75") to make sure the butt ring isn't squashed, although I can probably fit two rods in my tube so you might get away with the 3" wide tube, just measure the width of the butt ring and see what you think.
With the supermix being an odd sized 2 piece rod I wanted something to store and transport it in safely. This is ideal for me. Sure it's no indestructable bazooka tube but it is tough enough to protect it in most situations (unless you're a numptie that likes to run over stuff) and dirt cheap.

I also cut out some small round pieces of foam and glued them in the end caps to help pad it but thats just me probably being over protective :)
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