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A Strong North Easterly greeted Barry and myself yesterday morning at 07:30am, as we loaded th gear up we ruled out marks that wold be unfishable due to the current conditions. The previous evening we had been going through the OSI Map of County Wexford looking for new mark's to try, one such mark was chosen for the first location.

Location 1.

Arrived on location, hard place to get to ! As we geared up the wind was cutting to say the least, white horses aplenty and sea spray filling the air, it was going to make fishing the lures today very very difficult. We had a look at the surroundings, watched a few sea gulls as they hit the water to see was there any pattern emerging..and there was so off we went. Arrived to where the birds were working the water, excellent looking mark but all the activity was on the North side and that wind was not going to allow us to fish it. So we left and decided to try another mark. We will be back here though, looks very promising..

Location 2

On arrival, conditions looked a bit more settled as it was somewhat sheltered from the freezing wind. Off we set, I took up location over a shallow patch while Barry moved further on down to deeper water. Water clarity was as they say 'Gin Clear' but there was no cloud cover so things would prove difficult. An hour past and I met back up with Barry, no ation to report from both of us, so we decided to move further up into the more turbulent water that was exposed to the wind.
Casting was aided by the wind here as it was coming over our shoulders allowing us to cover huge amount of water with the lures.

It was comng to the top of the tide now and the swell was picking up and crashing around us, I was changing a lure with my back to Barry when I heard 'Danny, Danny, Danny' ...I jumped around my body flooded with adrenilin...I thought Barry had gone in to the water !!!!
Nope, he was still standing there pointing to a ledge where he was bringing in his Xlayer, just behind it there was an estimated 8 - 10 fish following with big black backs !! amazing. They followed it until he lifted it out of the water and then they turned and swam back out over the ledge. We have never seen that many fish follow a lure before!

I clipped on a TM Flyer to get down a bit deeper and got hit as I come by a submerged rock, the fish took the lure to the right of the rock and dropped it ...humm. Out with it again and along the same route ...nothing this time. Barry was still working the ledge with the Xlayer, when I brought my lure over it ....followed by 3 fish..some Buzz!..'Look ...Look..3 of them' It was like they were escorting the lure out of their teritory...So theres fish there, its just a matter of getting them to aggressively take something. I clipped on a suspending diver MagSquad128. and began to work the depths. Barry was cycling through different lures too. The water level covering the ledge was now starting to drop which allowed good visibility below the surface, as I drew my lure up from the depths I could see it was being followed..then my rod bent forwarded and I reeled in a Silver fish !! 'Woohooo'...'Fish' I shouts as I slid the fish in on a wave.. I though it was a little Bass, but on closer inspection seen that it was a Golden Grey Mullet !!!! Barry couldn't beleive it either. The fish took the first treble and was hooked throught the top lip, my first Mullet on a lure...well happy :) a few photos and off he went. We worked the ledge for another 30 minutes of so but nothing showed. Time for a move.

With the tide dropping we were able to gain access to more exposed terrain to investigate, as we clambered over some weed beds we came across a lost Dogfish sitting on some seaweed some 50 yards from the water... strange. He was full of life was we put him back in and he swam off happy out.

We worked the lures over some likely looking fish holding areas but nothing ws showing any interest. I was working a set of submerged boulders from a height for around 10 minutes while was retreiving the MagSquad between too boulders under my feet a fish shot out from the right side slashed my lure flashing his Silver Flank...but he missed it....I stopped the lure dead, the fish turned around I gave it a small twitch to the right ...he went for it again full steam his back arched to one side as he attacked it, ...and he bloody missed it again !! he must of spotted my silloute and shot off out to sea...aaaaarg !! I called Barry over and we worked the area hard but no more action, although Barry seen a big shoal of fish moving out to sea just before we left.. Time for a Kit Kat.

Location 3

With the batteries recharged with chicken rolls, we went to try another mark for the last of the drop, again some great clarity in the water and the wind was starting to ease off as the sun got higher in the sky. We only stayed here for around 30mins. A phone call to Crevan and mark 4 was hit.

Location 4

The day was getting warmer and calmer, Barry and myself arrived first followed soon after by Crevan ( who is also in search of his first Lure caught Bass of the year too :) ) Again a few Trout were jumping over low water , we were throwing out evething in the lure box and nothing was showing any interest. I had'nt tried a small Xlayer here yet so I flicked one out on and as it sank I gave it a flick....Rod lurches forward, I hold it steady in the jerks forword twice in quick first Bass of the year had just nailed my lure!

'Fish' was my shout as the two boys looked over, my rod bent round as I made way to a safe landing point, the fish came to the surface at about 40 yards distance thrashing about throwing water skyward and then dove and swam straight for me......and made for a deep gulley behind me. I wasnt messing around this was coming in!! the fight was over very quickey for the distance out he was hooked.

Heart pounding hands shaking, buzzed up to me eyeballs on Bass !!! what a feeling...4 months of Blanks all is forgiven :)
Some photos taken, the fish weighed 5 and half pound on the Boga and went back very well swam off like a bullet.

Everyone focused again, not a word spoken,, the rain came, wind picked and we fished hard. ..
No more fished showed and we called it quits at 18:30pm.

More Pictures from the session can be found on my Blog:



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