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The fat lady hasn't sung yet.....

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So with Dave and Alex arranging to fish this weekend and me not being able to make it, I thought I would make amends by having few hours today. I wasn't sure what to expect after not fishing for bass for a quite a few weeks and the last trip in an absolute howler of a gale. Today by comparisom was almost perfect conditions, almost no wind and overcast. Not bad so far.
The place I was going to fish is about a mile and a half from where I live so I decided to walk! So much bad weather lately I thought it would give me chance to explore some other marks as I wasn't confident of catching.
I set up my new rod, a custom Lamiglas 3 piece popping rod, Certate 2500 with 10lb Fireline and started with an Ima Gene 110. It seemed a bit odd to start with, the lure went where I cast it!!!! The last few weeks have been a case of casting as far up wind as you can in the hope that it would land where I wanted it to!!!! Today is was going where I wanted it to...... weird.
After fishing for about half an hour with absolutely no signs of baitfish, no seagulls working or anything I thought it would be good to see how the new rod worked with some other favourite lures so on went a Daiwa Chugger Minnow 12 in laser green shiner. It cast very well too. That was about as much excitement as I expected today so that was a bonus. After about 5 mins I had a pretty savage take and after about 4 seconds it came off!!!! A few clicks on the drag showed that was working ok. I saw the fish in the clear water. A big white belly flash showed it to be a fish of about 4 to 5lb. A shame it didn't stay hooked.
No more signs of fish in that spot so kept moving along the bank. I tried a 'hot spot' (if there is such a thing) but no more signs of life other than disturbing a kingfisher! If you see this venue, you will not believe how surreal it is to see one of those.
Time to start walking back. Another change of lure, the time to a Daiwa Saltiga Minnow 12 in laser sardine. Hmmm, that cast a bit further than the other one. After about 5 mins and bit further long take number 2!!! This is supposed to be December! Two takes in one trip? After a few mins a nice bass of about 2 pounds had christened the new rod. Not a monster but well pleased all the same.
A few more changes of lures as I walked back including a bit of soft plastic action but no more takes. I saw the kingfisher twice more on the way back. Amazing.
In total I was out of the house about 3 hours so a nice way to spend some of the day.
I took a couple of pics but haven't loaded any on to here yet so will try and get them up here at some point.
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well done on the fish and a nice report.
i am hoping to get out friday and saturday if the weather stays calm.
Lovely report . . . .very encouraging for the weekend!! Great effort !!!
Nice one Mike, shame the first one fell off. Why was the Kingfisher there? There must be baitfish in the water surely? I bet that getting one and losing one in Dec woke you up a bit, just shows you eh, you never know.
Mike, I can't fish either this weekend and I have to go to London next week so I am not sure I will get one last go at them like you! Well done for getting out and catching on the new rod though. Beats job-hunting I guess?!
Damn good work Saltiga,
As you have said it looks like there are still some bass about (YIPPEEE!!), and having seen the bass you landed (nice fish), it is a cracking way to christen your new rod.
Good to see the daiwa lures are working, so did you have any luck on the TD Pencil??
Yessssss!! good work! There's hope for us all yet!! :)
Tunny said:
Damn good work Saltiga,
As you have said it looks like there are still some bass about (YIPPEEE!!), and having seen the bass you landed (nice fish), it is a cracking way to christen your new rod.
Good to see the daiwa lures are working, so did you have any luck on the TD Pencil??
I tried the TD Pencil for about ten minutes. Unfortunately, due to the lack of wind there was weed and a few bits of debris on the top so I couldn't work it without getting hung up each cast. I am sure there was just as much chance of catching on the top as two feet down. All it will take is a little bit of breeze to clear the rubbish of the top and away we go........

I read your earlier post about ultra light. I was thinking the same things on the walk home. The water is fairly clear, the fish have slowed odwn a bit due to the temperature dropping so fishing lighter might give us an edge. I will try it next time I go. The only problem is that the fish were a fair way out making casting with light plugs very difficult so maybe a small metal lure will be better. I will try the finesse rod with 6lb Fireline to start with and let you know if I do any good.
Well done Mike, brilliant to read a catch report with catching involved, gives us all hope :D
well done Mike, and as your new name suggests, those "saltiga" lures take some beating for the price don't they? great report.. :D
Thanks Mike - thought you might sneak out ... well done!
Speculate to accumulate or as my brother says - time in the water ... you don't catch nowt sitting indoors talking about it!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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