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The future of this forum

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Its gonna be a long winter guys, and we know what the winter brings from our previous winters on the old forum. Its a horrible time of boredom and banter. The catch reports drop away a bit and everyone just longs for the spring, so please dont get discontented, its just the winter.

So I know I have mentioned it before but just to remind you what we are planning. The forum will always remain a closed shop, members only can read the threads but we will have a public section that non members can read only. We will be having a webpage soon (built over the winter), and this will be for showing off the best posts that we have submitted on here. It will be like an on line magazine, including tech stuff, reviews and catch reports, events etc. The public will also be able to email us questions and also if they think they would like to contribute an article they can email us and if they sound keen they will be invited to join the forum. You guys will basically be becoming journalists. We will hopefully be found very high on google searches etc as we have some guys on here that work in that business. I am sorting out some advertising in angling magazines and my own webiste will be sending out email newsletters soon that will always have a link to the our online magazine on it. We will sell some small advertising banners etc for paying for the up keep of the new site. I think it will become popular for all lure anglers to add to their favourites.
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Sounds great, Mr Fish, especially the online mag.
the on line mag will be great, hope to put in some article's soon covering various things.

Yes guys, keep the momentum going.

Lots going on in the background that will all come good.

It's not a 5 minute job unfortunately.

We have the making's of something really great starting here.
Keep it up boyz :D
fantastic stuff guys welldone....if it wasnt for this forum id be crawling the walls by now,thanks daz
Sounds very promising - look forward to it :D

Makes me wonder why we didn't do this before!

I really do like the idea of the best posts etc getting turned into the front facing web maggy!
Proud to be a member, looking forward to the future plans
I too feel privileged to have been invited here and I love the sound of the plans for the future - making good use of current technologies. I am concerned however whether we have a sufficiently large membership to remain viable, and I know that we have to be careful about certain recruitment activities. Are invites to the right people still being made?
I agree regarding the size of the membership but there is the issue of avoiding conflicting individuals and those who set out to cause the trouble we have seen on t'other forum.

I might be able to find a couple more people who would be interested, one in France, maybe a few here in GY?? Can I just tell them to sign in and then who do I tell so they can be activated?
If you pm Mike or Mick with their details they will be expecting the aplication and it should all go through ok
hope this helps dai
Stormy said:
Exciting times ahead
Indeed it is :D :D :cool: :cool:
All good stuff chaps :cool: :cool: :cool:
Just noticed that is now coming up on a google search, (so is the old site) the home page is a little bare at the moment, but it'll be good to see how we build it up.. :D
Guys, membership number concerns heard. 9 days in, 75 members, 1500 posts. We can make this a success, with teamwork and genuine passion for pushing forward. Thanks for your support so far.
plugs said:
Guys, membership number concerns heard. 9 days in, 75 members, 1500 posts. We can make this a success, with teamwork and genuine passion for pushing forward. Thanks for your support so far.
Just keep going Mike, all good things come in the end !!!
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