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A lot of people on here will think that island life is a pain:

  • hard to get anywhere off island
  • Fog
  • Delays with papers and mail
  • Expensive
  • Low tax (whoops, that's not a pain :-D)
However, island life can also be a joy.

Let me tell you about my fishing trip this evening.

Home from work 17:04. Play football with son for half an hour. Eat. Watch telly with boy. Put him to bed.

Decide at 19:55 to go fishing since it's nice.

20:00 leave home

20:05, fishing on a rock mark

20:20, fish on!!

20:30, on the way home.

nice. :mrgreen:

So what did I catch? Well I wanted to see if the rockie was a fluke so I decided to give it another go but a more sensitive rod in the Abu Rocksweeper. Not used it proper for SP work and it is a joy.

7g bachi head, Giant XLayer in sparkle berry total weight 20g. Cast fine, could feel bottom with the lead, bumping it in slowly, twitchy and very pausy. Quite a few little bumps and pulls but not very positive, suspected small pollack and then on the third cast I had a more positive pull so hit it. And then it all went tight and started to sing :-D.

After a short scrap as it took very close in and with much swearing and difficulty due to slippery as hell boulders, this chap was in the net, well not so much int eh net as "beached" on the rocks while I was trying to get to him.

Fish Mesh Food Seafood Marine biology

Weighed in at 3lb 15oz, a comfy rockie on an SP PB, well it is only my second SP rockie!!

So, mission accomplished!! Nice one.

Come on you Jersey lads, im gaining fast and I'm fishing on me tod. It's so hard to learn on your own, it really is but I assume I am finding the same things you lot are but with one of me and however many of you it's slow work.


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Cracker Andy. I have not tried the Giant X-Layers yet, because to be honest, I think my normal ones are a little on the large side...maybe I'll give them a whirl next time out
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