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The Little Guys

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I know we all mainly fish for bass, but I for one will own up to enjoying fishing for some of the other species found around our coastline. Mackerel, Garfish, Scad all are real scrappers and pound for pound would give bass a run for their money. Lets be honest all of these can be most welcome on those days were your staring a blank in the face bass-wise.
My most successful lure for Mackerel has been the MegaBass Edonis Missile, at 17g it casts brilliantly. And the Mack's love it. I know cast a £16 lure for mackerel is going a bit further than most would. But on light gear (like my little 7' Bushwhacker) they are great fun. Strangely I had one before dawn session were the mackerel were taking a Z Claw, and I mean really smashing into it. All with 15' of me sitting on beach-awesome!!
Garfish (yeah love or loathe them) seem to love a super spook jnr, although it can take several hits before they hook up. Strangely the other lure I have caught Gars on is the Daiwa Saltiga 14cm minnow, often it is nearly half their length. Would love to find something small that will catch them, as lugging a big lure around does kill them fight wise.
Scad, Well pretty much anything will catch them if you can find them. During the hours of darkness seems to be the best time to catch them. Often right at the waters edge. Great little scappers.

So have any of the other members found lures that will work on these little fighters?? Or that work for any other species??
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Dave ...
Baby zonk !!!! caught plenty gars on this one also had some follows from thin lipped mullet ..mackeral liked them too

Would love a thin lip on a lure, been told they go like stink
Nice one Bob,
Hadn't thought of that, But I bet the little zonk works a treat.

Thin Lip on plug, now that would be a scap :clap:
I used to use a Yo-Zuri mag minnow for garfish, they love it. In fact the mag minnow is a fantastic little lure, caught everything on that plug. I once had two mackerel at once on a Rapala Skitter Pop (the big one). And try a Lucky Craft Staysee retrieved really slowly for pollack this time of year, reel real slow, they love it.
The Mag Minnow 105 has been one of go to lures for the tropics for years, caughts of fish on them. But NEVER caught diddily in the UK with them. Funny how some lures work for some people and not for others. That said I am probably doing something wrong :badlol:
It was the best selling lure over here for years, 1995 to 2000 it caught so many fish, was used by eveyone. I have just sent a handful of different coloured ones to Wales so it will be interesting to see what happens next year up there with them.
I have caught tarpon, cuda, small tuna, several different type of snapper, dorado, redfish, queenfish and others with them . So I know what a cracking plug they are, I remember them coming out, I just couldn't get over how well they cast, they jerk nicely too. Sardine, green mackerel and the ghost mackerel have been killers for me overseas. Like I said Blame the prat on the handle :rollineyes:
Scad on a little Dexter wedge or a Halco Twisty, light line and whippy rod, awesome, on the fly too a scad can be like a baby tuna.
I tend to keep hooking garfish mainly on the patchinko - great to see them strip the paint off it before hooking up lol!
I hooked a Garfish off the surface on an Asturie off Worms Head this year. Huge splashy take off the top, great fun, and Luke thought it was hysterical. :rofl: :clap: :jump:
Gar's ?

Loops of silk guys.

Small vib lures, flies (orange is best imho) behind a bombarda.

small plugs that are goby sized but SP's rigged with trebles are better cause they hold on longer.
Terrif DC9, Tacklehouse INTs, Halco Twisties and Raiders are my normal lures for the small stuff. Will be trying some other small stuff when the gars arrive. Hopefully the baby Patchinko will be as much fun as it looks.
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