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The Pembrokeshire Lure Festival 2016

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The Pembrokeshire Lure Festival 2016

Friday 17th June - Sunday 19th June.

The UK's ONLY weekend long, lure only angling festival,
with 3 species hunt competitions running over the same weekend, for Shore, Boat & kayak anglers.
Fishing on a C&R basis, Location: ALL of Pembrokeshire (West Wales)

This year we can announce that we have secured the involvement of JAMES STOKOE, Winner of BBC2's 'The Earth's Wildest Waters - The Big Fish 2015, plus runner up Dan Rogers, who will be involved with the festival for the entire weekend, and both will be presenting prizes to the winners / runners up at the end of the weekend.

There will be a fixed venue (optional but highly recommended) for Friday, which can only be accessed during a competition and is open to any angler pre paying online in full before the deadline (tbc). This venue will open at 12 noon, close at 9pm, there is a daily prize attached to it. All species caught here can be included in the totals for the weekend. This venue suits LRF extremely well, as well as the soft plastics. The venue is open to anyone who is registered in the shore section, other sections (boat or Kayak) can enter the shore section for Friday only (£10) and we open the venue to anyone else from 4pm - particulary if they are locals who may only have Friday available.

There isnt a fresh water section due in part to a lack of waters that will allow either fly fishing or lure fishing for coarse fish, but we do have a wild card Predator Challenge (upto longest 3 Perch & Pike) plus the Annual Pike Cup for longest Pike. This year freshwater species can boost species number & length in the Junior section only.

All Prizes are for total number of individual species plus their combined length in all sections.
In the event of a tie, we use a points system based on the WFSA size table. All anglers will need a means to record fish pictures eg Camera or phone, and be able to provide proof of captured species upon request if required.

There is a charity angle by way of a raffle, held at the end of the Prize presentation on Sunday 19th, this years location will be in DALE VILLAGE (SA62 3RB), my home village / boat base, with this year's beneficiaries being The Dale Play Area Association & Angle Lifeboat (RNLI). Anyone who would like to donate something for this raffle, please send an email to the team, put 'raffle donation' in the subject box.

In 2016 we saw a few of the Lure Forum members make the trip to Pembrokeshire for the first time, a few never being there before, and pretty sure all will be coming back for another go this year, hopefully with a few more of you as well.

For info, updated weekly please see our website here:

For Sponsor Offers & raffle prize donations: [email protected]

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I recommend this to any that can make it.. Last years event was great fun, hope to see some of you there!!

Cheers, Luke.
James, this sounds great and will be a pleasant 'come down' after just arriving home from Cape Cod :(

I'll try to get there :horsesword:
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Look forward to seeing everyone at this, should be a quality weekend of lure fishing! I think this years species tally will be much higher ;)
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Pre registration opens in a few weeks, as Dan & Luke will understand myself and John are up to eyes in it right now, but its all taking shape quicker this year than last year. One main point is do investigate your accommodation requirements sooner rather than later, there are numerous campsites around the coast, some slap bang next to some cracking fishing areas. For anyone wanting affordable B&Bs, drop me an email, ill send out a list.

any lone anglers - fear not we can usually find local buddy's for you so you dont have to fish an area you dont know all alone.

Kayakers - we need ya! some cracking places on this coastline, numerous launch points, and many campsites right by the water.

Boat section - visiting boats welcome, this does include small ribs, a sight i noticed on water last year was increasing, for a
all info on launch poiunts, fishing areas, rules, T&Cs, etc etc etc will be online and when they are we will advise of that.
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I would love to come and take part, sounds really nice.
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More info added online & in the forum sponsor section.
Looking good so far.....
first of the online pre registers today - so it begins.
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