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Well done Richie ! Determination delivered the results!! I'd loved to have stayed a bit longer with you, as i also had unfinished business with those pesky IKA's !! Still gutted that i dropped mine.

I just couldnt get out of bed this morning to join you - i would've loved to have come and shown you how its done on the Silver ;) but i was completely bolloxed from the Mountaineering from yesterday!

Thanks to JP for the loan of the Eg thingy - i've still got the hook cover, but will drop it off at Micks shop later, & hopefully you can retrieve it from there.

I cant help but admit that i 'realy enjoyed last night - bloody addictive! & i never thought that my Injection would feel like a broomstick, but it did next to the LRF gear.

Anyway - superb work Richie ! & i hope you still have all ur fingers !! :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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