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Tide Minnow: Model and Colour?

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Hi Guys,

I've decide that it's time that I got a couple of these Tide Minnows that are so popular. The Only problem is that there's so many to chose from. So, what model, size and colour would you recommend? Particularly for use over the next few months. Would I be right in thinking that the larger sizes would be better during the winter? What colours are the most versatile? I'm using a Quantum Energy Bass, so I'm mostly considering the 20g+ models.

All suggestions would be much appreciated. We could make this the Tide Minnow thread and get everyone's opinions together in one place, for a while at least.

All the best,

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My biggest bass came on a "normal" tide minnow in sandeel pattern - ... 04-sh.html

Had a 7lb exact from Polzeath last autumn :)
This one is my fav . . . . ... ndeel.html

It hooked Basswalkers first lure caught Bass !!! :laserswords:
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Mine is the same as Simons, the 145 SLD in D99-DM
At the risk of sounding like a broken record "I love the Chartreuse SLD's" :wackit:
125SLD caught the most, but then I didnt have a 145SLD until late on in the season and caught on that first time out of the packet.
Best two fish of the season I have seen caught were both Tunny's on I think the "Cut throat Pilchard" pattern(sure he'll put me right if I'm wrong), Think I'll have to try one next year for sure.
If its any use, my best sellers go something like this;

145 SLD in D99-DM Holographic Sandeel, A104-SH Sandeel, H134-TS Atherine Smelt, H94-TS Cut Throat Pichard and lastly P03-PB Chatreuse.
125 SLD in D99-DM is the best in that size and then the Atherine Smelt
150 Surf is the D72-DM Holo White and then the H09-TS Mackerel
135 Surf in H32-TS Orange is by far the best selling 135 Surf
120 Surf in D72-DM Holo White and then in H09-TS Mackerel
175 Slim is the D72-RS Holo White, 104-SH and the P129-PB
175 Flyer Sinking, in the Orange then the D72-DM
145 Flyer Sinking, in the Ayu (cant remember the code) then the Orange A32-SH then the lovely dark sandeel one S116-RS

Now I am not saying thats the best colours in their order, but thats the way they sell. The most popular Tide Minnows I sell are the 145 SLD in D99-DM and H134-TS, the 175 Slim in D72-RS, the 150 and 120 Surf in D72-DM and the 135 Surf in H32-TS Orange, these are deffinately the best sellers.

Hope this helps.
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I'd recommend 145 SLD and 145 Flyer 'sinking'.

get those, learn them, buy 2 of each, 1 to use, 1 to lose.

Cant go wrong, great plugs.
mrfishjersey said:
150 Surf is the D72-DM Holo White
Don't waste your time with all the others Tone, this one will produce the goods mate............

:wackit: :wackit: :wackit:
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Thats a big fish

:wackit: :wackit: :wackit: :wackit:
Well done guys. I new that I could rely on you for some good info.

I've heard it said by a local plugger that the more natural colours are more effective than the brighter ones, such as orange, down in this neck of the woods (does this need a reference??). Anyone on here from the South East have any opinions on colour?

I see that the SLDs are popular, but what about the Surf models? Any difference in action or success rate?

Any thoughts on what's best for winter or should I just concentrate on stocking up for spring?

Any thoughts about chartreuse? I'm a sucker for yellow since seeing Bob's summer successes on the Patchinko. Have they been lucky for you Mossy?

Sorry for all the questions guys but it's been a while since I could spend some time on the forums due to college work.

Mick's right, that is a lovely big fish. It looks very tasty, or is that a bit taboo around here? :oops:

Thanks again and best wishes to all.
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I've heard it said by a local plugger that the more natural colours are more effective than the brighter ones, such as orange, down in this neck of the woods (does this need a reference??). Anyone on here from the South East have any opinions on colour?
no, i don't think it needs a reference.

In clearer water, go for more subtle or neutral tones. The clearer it is, the better or more lifelike lures should be imho.
In warm clear water, this is why, if you read my 'Light Speed' article, even I advocate a faster retrieve so as you don't
show the Bass, too much plastic. The illusion of life is all it takes sometimes to draw a strike.
Big Tone, I have caught on most colour cominations and think the action of the lure is the most important part. My favorite are the yellow ones though, at first I thought buying a yellow lure was a bit stupid to use in the U.K seeing as how there isnt an abundance of yellow baitfish swimming around. However I started with the yellow 125sld-f and it has caught a good amount, I also bought a similar coloured Smith lure that has also done ok providing some savage takes and proving that at least the colour does not put the fish off. Another reason I probably use them is I spot them in the water a lot sooner, I have an eye condition that requires me to ware hard contact lenses for good vision, I dont like them at the best of times but with wind and sand around I usually dont put them in, the yellow I pick up sooner so that most likely plays a part in why I like them. I also rate any of the silver lures and have done well on one of the surf models, this one:

I have also aquired some of the Daiwa Saltiga minnows/Shoreline Shiners which are similar to the tideminnow in Chartreuse rainbow and burning sardine colours but have not used them yet. ... rdine.html

Too many lures, as myfish says get a couple and see how they go. All the best
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Big Tones,
If I could only have two tide minnows it would be
SLD-F in either of these colours H134-TS Atherine Smelt, H94-TS Cut Throat Pichard, both have caught several good bass, and cast as well or better than most other lures of the same size.
The other Tide minnow would have to be a Slim 175 floating or sinking, in H94-TS, casts miles, and the bass love it.
Hi Guys,

I've just got off the phone to our man in Jersey. Ordered a 150 Surf in chartreuse (last one, sorry Softie), 175 Slim in white and a black/silver Patchinko. Thanks for the advice guys. All I've got to do now is find some christmas bass!

New website due in the new year! :wackit:

Merry syphilis and happy gonorrhea to you all, :muttley:
Changed my mind. Went for a 145 SLD in Pilchard instead of the 150 surf in Chartreuse/White, so one left if you want it Softie. Added a Feed Shallow in Holo White; couldn't help myself.

All the best,
145 SLD-F in cut throat pilchard-in a word awesome!! I never leave home without one (or two!!)
And the patchinko, and feed shallow are both damn fine bass catchers too.
You aren't giving the poor old bass much chance are you :clap: :clap:
Hi Tunny,

If only I could find the damn things! Here fishy fishy!!

I'm working on the principal that if I buy some top quality lures then I only have myself to blame when I don't catch anything. The next step is to learn some watercraft.

Thanks for the recommendation Tunny. I'm hoping that what works for you in Sussex may also work for me in snow covered Kent. I'm assuming that this cold spell will send the last of the bass running to the mediteranean (lucky them). Any idea of what can be caught on the south coast during the winter? How about cod on plugs? Any pollock down your way?

And thanks to Mr Fish for his usual patient, friendly service and advice.

All the best,
The bass might be getting harder to find-there are still some around, Saltiga had one (and just missed a better one) just a few days ago. So there is still some hope.
As for other targets, I am looking at trying for Channel Whiting, Pouts, and if I was VERY lucky Cod/Codling, still hoping to find enough flounder somewhere to have a real try at them too.
My thoughts are that soft plastics are probably going to offer the best best for the above, and softies, jigs etc are winging there way from Jersey as we speak. Then I just will have to read the reports until a good venue appears (fish in close).Then I will be giving it a go. Fingers crossed for some success, if not then hopefully it will begin to sharpen my non-exsistant soft plastic skills before next season.
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