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3.5 and 5g max for me.

I also use them on drop shot rigs.

Hoping that the odd Triggerfish might be tempted this year on tiny's.

Ayu is my favourite colour in any xlayer size.

I have my eye on 'june bug' and 'watermelon' though in all sizes.
Done well with these colours and 'motor oil' in most of my SP's.

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Most of my sea trout fishing has been fly, spin and worm.

Now, based upon worming and how effective it can be, I would
consider soft tapered worms 3-5" long on round head jigs, xlayers or
smaller slug baits on tube skirt head(bachi) or, a wacky worm rig fished in
the style I wrote about in my article.

Remember, guideline only....Slug baits on bachi's, tapered floating trick
worms on round heads and floating or wacky worms like senko's on wacky
or shaky heads. Also, look at weight impregnated worms rigged weightless.
Some of the tungsten impregnated worms have sink rates approaching
1ft per second

Given the choice, I'd say a bounced wacky rig would switch on fish holding
on the bottom in colder water.

Don't rule out float jigging with small marabou jigs or SP trailered marabou jig headed
baits depending upon flow. You can fish lures at various speeds and hold back to get induced
lift and drop. The possibilities are endless Pat.
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