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Posting Rules

1) Any posts deemed or appearing to be aggressively aimed at any other forum member or members, will be deleted and the poster or posters dealt with immediately. (This may result in account deletion) The Lure Forum operates a zero tolerance to trouble in relation to the posts made on the discussion boards. Any posts that are or may be deemed/taken to be offensive or not in the best interest of the forum will be removed.

2) The Lure Forum does not recommend any members being involved in any discussions regarding any topics that may be seen or appear to be seen as slanderous,libelous. No posts or topics containing defamation of any kind be it towards any person, product or organisation. Any member deemed to bring the lure forum into disrepute may have their account removed. Racism of any form is not welcome or tolerated. Any member(s) found to be spamming or posting repetitve threads/post that disrupt the forum will have account(s) removed after one warning only.

3) Members will all be treated equally and fairly at all times, whilst their on the lure forum and any complaints that may arise should be intially made to an online member of the moderating team. Any member who attacks or have posts/comments deemed to be agressively aimed at another member, the lure forum or its staff members will have their accounts removed.

4) If forum members have posted topics relating to people, products or information from outside sources then they should provide information within their posts what sources were used, and to identify thoses sources.

5) The constant posting of a commercial external site(s) or product(s) either by hyperlink or name by members with a interest, be it personally or financially will not be tolerated, unsolicitated advertising or repetitive external commercial link or name posting will be dealt with by removal of links by an offending member(s). Self Promotion is not acceptable.

6) Any duplication/quotation of posts or content made by lure forum members used elsewhere/externally other than here on the lure forum, should only be done with the consent of the original poster. Ignoring this rule could render the offending member denial of access to the forum. Be respectful ask the original poster first.
7) All members should be aware all posts/content regarding political topics, external organisations campaigns and concerns should not be posted without first administration approval. The board endeavours to be poiltically free and to maintain its friendly and casual atmosphere.

8) Decisions to remove or edit any and all posts here will be at the discretion of the Lure Forum Admnistrators and moderators only. Requests to edit/delete postings on the Lure Forum will be taken under advisement and will be acted upon by Lure Forum staff only.

9) Lure Forum members are asked to use discretion in relation to locations, naming of specific marks on the forum is not in the best interests of all members, specifically in relation to the Catch Report sections. Where possible the use of private messages is encouraged. The Catch Report section is an integral part of the forum and information shared there is done so in good faith.

10) Members posting in the classified sections are not permitted to advertise items for sale in the classifieds section via links to other sections of the forum. Members who post on the main forums in reference to items they are offering in the classifieds section, will be warned and continual postings will be dealt with by the Admin Team. Please keep posts related to items in the classifieds there. Use the PM system as an alternative.

11) The posting of links to external blogs/sites instead of content is not in the best interests of the forum. Inappropriate links posted will be removed without warning. If you have a blog, post content on the forum, please do not post links to your blog with the intent to just gain promotion.

12) Members with commercial interests should also contact a member of the Admin team to arrange a possible site sponsors/advertising block, these are offered to support the site and are subject to refusal or removal at anytime by the Admin team without warning.

13) No posting reports of and no images of any by-catch during any fishing closed season. Freshwater or Saltwater. This helps to promote respect to the sport and its species.
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