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Hi everyone , this is replacing the old rules regarding signatures although its practically the same it does have additional regulations for commercial usage.

Ive discussed this with the moderators and we all feel this is fair in many respects from helping the forum to protecting the memberbase. This may upset some of you but id imagine those it does upset are those that rarely contribute other than to promote a commercial venture.

Basic Signature Rules that apply to ALL Members

1) The use of links in members signatures, are limited to one link only.

2) Links to external communities/forums are not allowed.

3) Inappropriate links will be removed without warning.

4) Signature pics must not be bigger than 400(w) x 100(h) px. And restricted to one picture only.

5) Signature text max size is set by the system. Size (3)

6) All the above rules apply for both Tapatalk/Forum Runner Software if used to access the site.

7) Any member wanting to link to their personal ( non-commercial ) website,blog or social page are required to link back to the forum with either a banner or Text link to return the gesture of free advertising. ( we feel this is fair, if someone has an issue with this please enlighten us as to why ) .

Extended Rules for Commercial usage.

Any member with commercial interests which would like to promote their website, social page or anything else which can be considered to potentially generate said member revenues of any kind via their signature, profile and/or Avatar are "Required" to sign up to the VIP partner program. Failing to do so will mean a moderator removing offending links/avatars.

VIP Partner upgrade plan does NOT give that user the right to promote/advertise or pitch in the post body, this ONLY gives the right to promote within avatars, signatures and the members own profile posts.

This will obviously have great benefits if you are an active member that has alot to add to discussion, avatar/signature advertising can be a fantastic advertising campaign especially with such a targeted user base if the intent is to actually help out and add value to the forum, it gains member trust and enhances your brand in the niche.

VIP Partner upgrades can be found at your Upgrades page from your main User menu :

Members who have paid for this upgrade are identified with a red banner under their username much like the image below :

Font Screenshot Web page Brand Advertising

There are other available advertising plans/packages which cater for banner advertisements and sponsored sticky threads will include other permissions and perks. These will be available via the Upgrades page in the near future.
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