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Popped out for a Bass today. Not much to report really, I did hook a fish which put up a good scrap. Knew it was a decent fish by the heavy thumping rather than the scrappy fight of a schoolie. Had the fish at my feet only for it to come off whilst Gaz was getting the net (I should have set it up earlier)

I was pretty pissed off to say least! Its been a while since I caught a Bass. I'm useless at guesstimating the size of fish but Gaz reckoned it was around the 5lb mark.

Had a quick look at the jig head after I had lost the fish and noticed that the hook is a bit on the small side, the fish took the SP when I had a slack line so I assume it was lightly hooked inside its mouth.

C'est la vie! I'll have to wait for next weekend to get back down there now.
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unlucky there mate, just the way it happens sometimes

Yeah unlucky Liam, but at least you had that hit of adrenalin that keeps us on our toes.. :clap: :horsesword:
Well done Liam, Fish on and then Off is better than no fish at all :jump:
Still a good sign Liam. It only takes one good hit to transform a days fishing.
Unlucky Liam, (I would blame Gaz) I know what you maen about the dry spell I am having one of them too.
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