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Into the foam with the others, all tuned into one frequency. One hour until sunrise and our world is distorted by sweeping crests and pockets of bubbles. I see you on the top near the blurred surface looking for the light, the light we use to see our prey. One spilt second you leave and I follow, into the waves in single file, moving in and out of the banks that are starting to shallow. You are faster but I keep up, ahead a shoal of fry struggling to stay together. I sense their worry as you go... deeper and with a flash of silver you are near. I turn away heading towards the shore, increasing my power with long, efficient strokes.

The fry have scattered, and into my path. I gorge as you chase, you are fast but I am older. Then its quiet and nothing but rumbling rock as I move off. Its colder in the bubbles and the increasing tingles down my face make me move out away from the now powerful currents pulling me towards the shore. The light levels are rising and into the kelp we move, together, like a river of death, pouring into the depths.

I was once like you, brash and undeciding.

The glow is beaming through our world now and still you remain, packed tight and jostling for position. We are now on top of our game as we move as one into the bay, twelve wide and creating wakes which makes me turn back to the left. We pour into the shallows, like a shining carpet laid on the bottom, the crawlers move as we sweep in. Everyone takes as we move through, together like a blur biting into the confusion. The bay is now mirrored by all the slivery flanks, flashing and twisting. Our existance is now recognised, as the life here run from their lives. As the light breaches the kelp, you depart, leaving the bay far behind as the shore becomes distant, i follow once more into the darkness, you are a BASS! and we are always together....
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