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Didn't know quite where to put this but I found this report on the guys internet store and I was facinated by his detailed report. Please read on, i like the logic behind his lure choice etc especially vibration baits, line etc, you'll see why. [might be worth right clicking this link to open a new page]

I've listed below the tackle he refers to in his report. Happy reading...

Sagit Design BeFLAP
Prial Salt Vibration
Evergreen Marvie 90
Aims Arrow Head 140F
Duo Tide Minnow 150 Surf
Daiwa Shoreline Shiner SL17-F
Ima Sasuke 140 Reppa
Lucky Craft B'Freeze
Gamakatsu Treble RB Heavy #3
Owner Stinger Treble ST56 #4
ZBL System Minnow 15F

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Nice find Andy, I like the pic with the comment "I'm very happy even if it's not the monster." :eek:

Interesting to see that they change to heavy hooks to be able to fish the lures deeper, Its that tuning business again to suit conditions.
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