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Topping out in Sussex

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Well Alex and I got out at dawn this morning hoping for some sussex bass. Conditions weren't great-May rot has dirtyed the water. But saw a few bass moving (finally), but sadly neither of us connected.
A quick bacon sandwich and coffee, and a change of venue later, we found some clearer water. I had a couple of follows (looking better), and finally a schoolie decided to play ball. OK nothing to get excited about size wise, but it was on a surface lure, and Patchinko 100 in fact , nice splashy take and spirted fight. Brilliant little lure, casts surprisingly well for it size, and has that same snakey action. So the topwater lures are working, and I am a happy happy plugger.
Thanks to Alex for the excellent company (and the Bacon sandwich), Hopefully things are kicking off properly now-fingers crossed.
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Brilliant Dave; one off the top already, what colour Patchinko 100 were you using?, hopefully we can get a few in a couple of weeks time. All the best
It was the 500G colour, I have been itching to catch on this lure since MrFish/Mick got them in the autumn. Worth the wait!!
Nice one Dave! Well done!
Top stuff Dave and nice to see your off the mark !
Off the top dave, best place to be very well done!
Couldn't agree more Nathan, Strange though, covered the water with a 120mm slim minnow first- for only a couple of follows. The surface lure was a gamble, but it worked (Always said it was better to be lucky than good)
Surface lures at dawn in Weymouth??? Going to TRY and make it harder for you this year-I did say TRY.
Great looking bit of ground in your pics by the way, must try and get your way this summer.
Great to get one off the top mate. "thats the way to do it!"
Need one of those baby patchinkos!
If i remember mate, their wasnt that much difference between us last time regarding weights. Winning Weymouth was a bouns to a really brilliant weekend :) Its going to be harder this year for everyone! All my fish came off the top in the Weymouth comp i think.
Well done Dave. Shame I couldn't make it this weekend. I definitely miss the bacon sandwich and a bass is a definite bonus!!! Still time yet for plenty more....
Too generous Nath,
You won by a safe margin I seem to remember, and off the top. Great weekend as you say, can't wait for this year!!

Mike, Beautiful morning, finally seeing some signs of life. I will definately be putting some more time on the first mark, just need the may rot to die off abit.
Well doen, dave - you've been fancying your chances with that lure since you got it so nice to see you proved right and rewarded with a fish. Off and running now....
dave, nice to see the patchinko 100 getting them attached, cant see many fish turning them down. Glad to hear you found some clearer water and had a good morning.
Lovely morning - shame about the may rot - it stinks! mmm bacon you missed out Mike!
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