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I guess there is no reason why you couldn't troll on top, unfortunately many surface lures require action from the angler to work properly. But a straight popper could be gurgled along behind the boat. Also I think the Flashmer plugs that MrFish mentioned the other day, could work, as they will "WTD" on top under a steady retrieve (or so I understand)
If you want to try something in shallow (poaching bass of us poor shore anglers :lol: :lol: ) My choice would be slow trolled live baits :twisted: , grab some mackerel as you head for the reef, rig then to a single hook with a brindle. And out the back they go. You will have to slow right down, if you get hits, try dropping the live bait back in free spool as the fish will often return and take the bait.

Cost of trying a couple of sets of feathers and some single hooks.
(Plus I bet the average size of the bass will increase as well :twisted: )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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