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egg-custard said:
hi.. it occured to me could i be to obsessed with trolling under the water..........i mean could i surface troll close in..ive not tried it..have others..?
would sword fish type teasesrs be of any use here to reaise fish up to the top of the water.........and inccreae a chance of a take....

Although next year i will be spending most of my time learning how and where to lure fish for bass from the shore,i also have a small boat and just wanted to ask what kind of water depth do you usually troll in? I did have a go a couple of times around the little orme(llandudno) n. wales, where the water even quite close to the cliffs was still showing 7-10 meters that too deep? and theres a hell of a current there as well.I Did drop the anchor and try to cast lures but the rip just took the lures away in a flash.even put on a heavy dexter wedge and even that was fishing ok by just holding the rod without having to reel in.Am i waisting my time trying to fish in such a strong current?

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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