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What do I need to consider buying in the way of materials to get me started as I'm guessing the 'standard' trout stuff will not be rugged enough?

Good saltwater bucktails .. Webby white saddle for Deceiver type flies and long thin saddles for flatwing type flies
Dumbel ltype eyes for clousers . 8/0 thread or Danvilles mono .. sparkly stuff is personal choice ..I like Mirage flashabou and mirage crinkle flash

Secondly what sort of hooks should I consider to get me started?.
Its a personal thing although weight of the hook can effect the balance of the fly in the water

I use Gamakatsu Sc 15's and Sl's for a lot of my flies .. some Tiemco's 600sp's ( very heavy hook ) and some Mustad C70sd's

If you give me an idea of what patterns you want to tie .. i'll post up a material list for you

hope this is of some help

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