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no, it is on an island in indonesia, the shop...

Tom I recon you should go for it mate and sell us the other 9 at a mark up price hahahahaha. I get maybe two or three emails a month from people out in the far east wanting to buy a handful of Stellas or Branzinos from me. They say I hope I take major credit cards and will safely use UPS tracking to deliver the reels. They tell me I need not send the reels until the money shows up in my bank account. How can I resist? So you gotta wonder why they want to buy from me when they can get them so cheap in their own country? Its a joke that anyone would ever consider doing this, but I bet some fall for it.


Infact here is the last email I got, I think it was yesterday. They all say the same roughly and can come from any far east country. I have actually emailed a few of them back and had conversations going back and forth, I had one guy totally believing I was going to do it but he suddenly stopped emailing when I told him he didnt have to worry about the cost of postage as my brother was returning to Indonesia soon as he lives there and is a pilot. I said he will be visiting his friend the cheif of police on the island (I googled the chief of polices name) and said they will both meet him to make sure it all goes smoothly. Never heard another peep, weird eh.

Name: mark tuyul
E-mail: [email protected]

Comment: Dear sir / madam ,

I found your commercial site when I was surfing on. I think your Store has special offer on some items that I will not let this chance passing by.

Before I do some arrangement purchase, I got some questions here.

This is about International order either, that the item will be deliver to Singapore. I will pay for FedEx/UPS Express for shipping method.

For payment, i prefer using credit card. Its the easiest and fastest payment for internet purchase.

And these are the item that i would like to buy from you :

# Shimano Stella 10000 SW Fishing Reel (4 units) # Shimano Stella 18000 SW Fishing Reel (3 units) # Shimano Stella 20000 SW Fishing Reel (3 units)

Contact me for your further information, thank you.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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