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Vidio's worth watching

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Just an idea we could put all aur favourite video's in one place for those quiet monents

could we make this one a sticky i wonder lets try to keep them fishing related

i will start with this one ... re=related

and this next ... re=related

and then not to dissapoint the freshwater lads ... re=related
hope you enjoy these as much as i do
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This guy's the best i have found for pike fishing on you tube
I love this video.

Any Dad would have wanted to be here
I think is was born on the wrong continent :lol: :lol: :lol:
It is fishing related look at the first comment HERE
Remember BS (before Sky) when the tv companies only ever had beautiful sporting images set to dramatic music for the likes of football and golf? Nowadays they have the same sort of scenario for even darts! Well we have access to a smidgen of the same for our type of sport fishing now, but I really liked this one.

The below was sent to me this morning and it's advertising the new Machine Gun, which I assume is a new rod or probably reel. I'm sure Vidar will be able to find out.

The angler in the video is the famous Toshi Namiki

Actually, talking of sports and Sky... I turned on the tv on this morning and flicked through the sports channels, my phone rang so I put the tv on mute and chatted away for about 10 mins. When I looked back at the tv they were showing a game of indoor bowls. The camera paned around to crowd who were obviously, very grey, very old, dressed in beige and probably had wet patches in their crotch areas. Then the camera paned back to the two blokes who were playing in the hotly contested semi final. Both have massive sponsored logos on the the front of their shirts. Guess who the sponsors were? Co-op Funeral Care.

Well it made me chuckle!
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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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