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Ok I know there are allready many threads on this subject but I'm only asking about theses specific types!

I have struggled to find waders that should be in my size 5'7" Height, 30" waist , 37" chest, 30" inside leg. 8 shoe size.

even most makes of small/medium waders start at FB size:-O - even the scierra medium waist ones swamped me as they had 34" waist and 32" inside leg.

I have had a pair of scierra dynatrax boots (rubber/studs) for near a year, have only really used them as rock boots and the boot upper has come seperated from the sole all around (was only glued) , also have found the leather takes a age to dry out and they are heavy when wet and worn for long peiods.

I have now narrowed it down to 2 wader types and 2 boot types , but as they have to be ordered from over the water I wanna make sure its a good choice - so if anyone has anything good or bad to say please let me know.


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My best advice is to buy the best you can get and buy once. Some people buy waders that only last a year, fork out a bit more and there is no reason they shouldn't last a lot longer.

I've had Orvis Pro guide 2 waders for 7 years now, no tears, no leaks. I've only been using them in the Salt for 2 years but they're still holding up, no problems so far.
I look after my gear though, be careful on the rocks and always hose them down when I get home. Fold them up correctly (dont screw them up and chuck them in a bag) and they'll last a long time.

The Endura's are okay but no-where near the same quality of materials as the pro guides, Pro guides are a lot tougher with 5 layers. They also look and feel better. I know **** and Mike were looking at them at the CLA and I think they were impressed?

Pro Guides also come with the proper Orvis gaurantee. Which is pretty much no quibble lifetime repair or replacement aslong as you dont take the Pee and look after them a bit, the cheaper orvis waders dont have the same cover, only a year or two. I've had some experience of the Orvis customer service and they are a great company to deal with, specially if you have their premium products.

Personally I recommend the Pro Guides, I think the design has changed now a bit, mine have an extra patch of material on the "seat" (arse) but I'd definitely buy these again.

As for Boots....

I've not used the one's mentioned above but again I think you get what you pay for.

I've had the Simms Rivershed wading boots for a few years now

They're surprisingly lightweight and very tough and the most comfortable boot's I've ever owned. I would seriously wear these all the time if I didn't think I'd look like a complete tool around town in my waders :) The red stitching on mine is wearing away but the soles remain completely intact. No sign of the soles comming away from the boots at all and I've done some walking in these!

I use them with the Simms hard bite boot studs which I think are tungstun carbide tipped but dont quote me on that. Anyway, Never slipped on anything in these boots with the studs on.

Okay so my choices are a bit more expensive but I havent had to buy new ones ever year either ;)
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