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I am looking for a 2010 model certate 2500, How can I ask if any one has one they would like to sell ?

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There's a wanted section in the classifieds, near the bottom of the home page.;)
thanks Tom, new to this ....
Thanks Tom, But I have another issue now...
(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)?
Ah, can't help you there I'm afraid.
It'll be because you haven't enough posts to use the classifieds, Stew. Have a look in the "rules" or message Admin Steve.
Stew, rules, scroll to the bottom to classifieds and I think it's number 6.
thanks Paul, how do message Admin Steve ?
Go to the home page, scroll to the bottom where it shows who is online now, Admin Steve will be there in bold letters. Click on his name and start a conversation with him.
Hi Stew

You could also ask Steve to change your account to your full name, especially if you plan on using the classified section on a regular basis

( see item 4. here: )
Thanks Steve, I sent a message to admin steve some time ago and have had no reply...
not sure why it is an issue.
The minimum posts rule is there to protect members. It is generally expected that you should be part of the TLF community before starting to trade with members in cash or goods.

No offence Stew, but is has generally worked well and I don't see a need to change.

I would also add that if you want to get the best our of this forum then using your full name would help. I would certainly be uncomfortable buying or selling with someone I didn't know.

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I will PM him for you Stew. He gets lots similar from me, and usually acts quickly.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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