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A few days ago, we finished developing an app called Deep Fish and we would like to receive your feedback.

Now the app can recognize a fish from a photo, thanks to computer vision. You only need to take a photo with your phone. If you like posting photos of your trophies in Instagram or Facebook (and who doesn’t? :)), you will figure it out easily. After information on a species of a fish, the app will put it in your profile. Thanks to it, you can show your friends a trophy, and the app will automatically inform what kind of fish was caught. Now we are working on the app to be able to determine the length of a fish from a photo. Therefore, you can’t make up about a 400 inch caught beast to your friends … unless you are a PhotoShop master ;)

There are ratings in the app – the more you catch, the higher you are in them. In future, you will be able to compete with the whole world (if you like) :). There are 60 fish species in the database and we will be glad if you help us replenish it. In order to do it, test the app, take a photo of your catch and share your results with us for replenishing our database.

The app is free and it will remain so :). Let me know if you have any questions.


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