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Weedless wrasse lures?

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After a weekend unsuccessfully chasing bass in dorset
(in desperation) I stuck a weedless fish arrow shad on and lobbed it into the knarley stuff
Bang... fish on
The humble pot bait has certainly won me over lol
Now I'm hunting for some suitable, proven, cheap sp's to actively go wrasse hunting

What can you reccomend guys??
Hooks and lure reccomendations please folks because I'm very new to wrasse fishing
They need to be weedless and cheap due to the nastyness of my local venues
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4inch senko type lures with cone weights have done well for me and they are cheap as chips. Also gulp shrimp lures, and fbm. Just use strong hooks. I like the snobee weedless in sizes 1 to 2/0 but varivas gran craft monster class are good. Just use a strong meaty hook. A big wrasse takes some pulling out of its kelpy lair.

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Berkley Gulp Sandeels, cherubashka rig, any old weedless worm hook.
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Simple senko or a pack of haribo worm jelly sweets. Mmmmmmmmm
Most three inch soft plastics, with a weedless hook or jig head work. I use the most expensive wrasse bait possible - fiiish minnows, but that's just because I love them, and there are not many species swimming that won't take them.

Always squash the barb down with whatever you use, they have brutally tough mouths, and trying to pry out a big barb from what feels like bone is not great.

I've just come back from Sark where I spent a couple of days catching probably nearly 100 wrasse, all on small soft plastics fished weedless. I love doing it, such reliable lure sport for days/tides on which the bassing might not be great.
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I cant imagine the value of your Fiiish order for replacement bodies after a 100 wrasse Mark! Lol
Luckily they were not all I used, but when it's tough, I know a fiiish will tell me if there are any fish about, and I can then switch to something a little more economical when they are really having it. It's weird actually, in some spots, I made one body (fiiiish 90 with 10g head) last 10 fish, it was almost like they were fellating the lure more than smashing it. Then another spot, first cast, one bang, and you bring in a quarter of a body, nipped off neatly at the bend of the hook.
Zman lure + belly weighted hooks = weedless, snagless and fishproof
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Thanks guys, by the sounds of it they will chew up just about anything that's dragged through their lair.
I've got a load of these that came as a freebie so will be giving these a go.
But can feel an online order coming on :muttley:
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