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Plugged Up said:
Hi Dai, some fun looking machines on there. I’ve got a BSA M20 (rigid with girder forks) in the garage that needs a bit of tlc. A bit of fettling and it would run but really needs a complete rebuild to do it justice, I keep looking but still cant find the missing time to get all these things done - I reckon the kids have taken it ;-)
I've been into Rat bikes/trikes for quite a few years

incase anyone's interested i got my name daiwiskers when i was involved with a mag for disabled bikers/trikers and i used to do the cookery page nothing to do with my beard every recipie i put in used a tin of wiskers as the base for the recipie! i did used to state the wiskers could be replaced with mince etc but it seemed to go down well with the readers
wiskers pasta
wiskers curry
wiskers chilli
wiskers filled yorkshire pud
we should have a cookery page dai
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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