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Gents - i've lifted this from the Welsh Bumble Thread so that it doesnt get lost in that Thread.

Originally Posted by Simon Lewis

Ok gents, i've had the gear priced up.

The prices i am proposing are . . . .

Hoody = £20
Polo = £15
T-Shirt = £13

The reason for the slight increase in price versus last time, is that this time, the gear will all have a printed logo on the back (lure forum logo), and i am proposing to add £2 per item which will be donated to the Lure Forum to aid with running costs - this £2 will also gain you entry into the raffle (details available soon).

So, each item will have the Welsh Dragon embroidered on the front with some txt, an embroidered Lure Forum Logo on the front, and a printed Lure forum logo on the back. The quality of the gear will be the same as last time.

Note: I will not be making a penny on this - purely doing it as a service. My plan is to come out at break-even.

Ok i think we have a reasonable consensus on this now.

Therefore it's time to start placing orders.

Details, and pricing are as above. Hoody's will be Grey, T's & Polo's will be Red.

If you would like some gear, then please PM me, with a PM title of "Welsh Bumble Gear 2010", so that i can easily find the PM's.

In your PM, please tell me how many you'd like of each item, and what sizes. All sizes are available (including kids).

Pricing will be as above, and you will get automatic entry into the raffle (details of that to follow from our raffle organiser).

Easiest payment option for me, is cash on the day. If you'd like to do something different (Pay Pal, etc. . . ) then let me know, otherwise i'll take payment when i see you at the Bumble when i give you your gear.

Ok . . . . . roll-up, roll-up . . . . . . . . . . . the Bumble Gear ordering line is now open !!! :spoo:

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PM sent....
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