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Right lads, the time is almost upon us so here are the meeting details for this weekend (also added to the main thread).

Main Base is the Wisemans Bridge Inn at Wisemans Bridge, Pembs. (details available via quick Google Search), signposted from A477 St Clears to Tenby road. A few people are staying at the pub Friday evening, so be sure to introduce yourselves!

Simon Lewis will be at the pub around 8:30am Saturday to coordinate a morning session for those present. They will return to the pub for lunch after a few hours fishing.

Simon Lewis, Myself and probably Steve Lewis will be at the pub between 1pm and 2pm to have a bite and make plans for an afternoon session for anyone available.

7pm Onwards at the pub for those staying over and dinner/beers for everyone (me included!).

Main meet 8am onwards in the bar at the pub (tea & coffee and bacon rolls available for purchase) where we will hold the raffle (some nice fishing bits!) - so bring some money! We will aim to help those who need a steer on marks, travel, transport etc and split people up into groups of around 4-6 so we do not overcrowd marks. Head off as soon as we are all happy (9am?) and have a first mark agreed.

Fish for the rest of the day, returning to the pub from 6pm for beers and a debrief and comparison of photos! Bass tapes should be available from Simon for purchase on the day, and we will have some O/S Maps available, but I would advise getting the O/S Explorer map for South Pembs if you are unfamiliar with the area.

If anyone needs a contact number, then please PM Steve Lewis, Simon Lewis or Me for a mobile number. Mobile reception is patchy in places down there but we will do our best to help! See you all at the weekend and pray for good weather :-D
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