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I have about 8wks work on a site in Trowbridge and the other night took a drive to Portland. Its about 2hr at that time of day, so its mighty do-able for an evening session or three a week :-D

But, Chesil looks like a blwty long bald beach and was thinking more along the rocky areas......Lulworth, kimmeridge or even Portland itself.
So, without giving away any really hot hotspots, point us in the right direction please :muhu:
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Simon, get yourself to Reels and Deals in Weymouth, Mike or Brian will the latest info bass wise, and if you ask nicely (or beg - like I do!!) They might point you in right direction.
But frankly anywhere in the area has some chance of bass,wrasse and pollack.
Hi Simon, i don't know much about chesil, but the ledges on portland are always worth go. Kimmeridge bay, chapmans pool, winspit, seacombe or dancing ledge are some other marks that have produced around the purbecks..
Thanks guys although I doubt R&D will be open at the time of my arrival Dave.......I'll be saving fuel costs by not stopping anywhere on route to the sea, till the beach that is!

Andy, I've climbed on Portland for years....where are the ledges you mention, out toward the coastguard point? to the east below the boulders or to the west below blacknor?
Si, get your maps out and look below the borstal. Long walk but worth it. The ledges up by the lighthouse is as far as you can go but that is worth a go. PM Nathan or Tunny for some ideas on Chesil. As the others have said, arrange to hook up with MIke Hayes and he has a reputation for helping visitors. Cracking spot so you could have got a contract in a worse place!
Simon, i will offer whatever help you need, things are slow at the mo, but theres always an array of places to go.

i live on portland and i go most nights fishin and hit jackpot every time bein it be pollack wrasse or bass,anywhere round portland is good,pollack to wrasse east side and bass more on west side hope this helps,plus if you fish west side be prepared to climb.:-D
I'm considering a drive down that way in a couple of weeks as part of my big search for places to fish and not to far from Bristol(OK, it seems all the likely spots are 2hrs drive for me) and will also check some of the places you have mentioned. Big thanks
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