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Re: What type of rod

I have been using a cormoran carb-o-star spinning rod for over a year from my yak. Purely used for lure fishing but will be tested on some bream this year.

It was cheap -£30, it was 2.40m long but I've hack sawed at least 0.275m off the butt as I kept diggin myself in the ribs when casting in a sitting down position. Amazingly this has made it feel very balanced when plugging and I've used it from the shore on occasion in favour of my shukan.

It's rated as 40-80g which is strange, I can cast slug's and hoggy's very well with it as well as 65g yans.

The eyes are crap, but I wash it after every trip and as yet there are no signs of serious corrosion.

I have seen some local guys in yaks with their red rods, I would rather use this rod just incase as I can't frog dive that deep.

Often catch the tip when paddling into gullys to beach up and stretch my legs so an expensive rod would probably be ruined in next to no time.

My mate had a silly one piece 4ft nothing rod, hooked an amazing fish on our last outing which charged him, continued under yak and snapped silly little rod but unfortunatley line as well. Lesson learn't, longer rod would of helped him to clear yak and maybe get a look at the monster.
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