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My embarassing one. Please dont laugh...Out on boat Pollacking over a wreck, my uncle got into fish quickly, I was trying to be flash and was testing out sluggos and various other bits of plastic fished on a Portland rig. After not getting a hit whilst he had pulled in 5, I decided to get in on the action, quickly shedding the rig, and putting a big Yann straight onto my 70lb leader. Dropped down into 180ft, wound up, bang! fish on - then off. Tried again, bang! fish on again - fish off again within seconds. Wound up to just under the surface to make sure the lure looked normal, not folded, nope, looked fine. Dropped down, exact repeat of above, countless hits no hookup, so furiously wound all the way in again, actually took the Yann out the water...

quietly and sheepishly removed the plastic hook point protectors, then dropped down and started catching. Ahem.
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